International Conference “Renewable Wood and Plant Resources: Chemistry, Technology, Pharmacology, Medicine”

June 21-24, 2011


Welcome to Saint Petersburg!

Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to take an active part in the cluster of International Conferences on Renewable Resources RR 2011! The cluster contains the main Conference “Renewable Wood and Plant Resources: Chemistry, Technology, Pharmacology, Medicine”, and satellite conferences: Youth conference-school “Physical-Chemical Analysis of Organic Compounds of Plant Origin”, and Thematic Symposium of Nonprofit Partnership “OrCheMed” (Organic Chemistry and Medicine) “Novel Drugs Based on Plant Substances”.

The cluster of the conference is focused on fundamental and applied aspects associated with the use of wood and plant raw materials as renewable sources of organic compounds, to produce new substances and materials with valuable properties and applications.

The maintenance of current civilization and its further sustainable development require a constant source of organic raw materials. According to consensual predictions, cost-effective extracted fossil raw materials, oil and natural gas, as the principal source of organic compounds to date, will be depleted by the middle of this century. In the long term, prices for natural gas and petroleum products will tend to increase steadily. In connection with these problems, the extensive and active use of such renewable resources as wood and other plants is therefore becoming increasingly urgent. The annual growth rate of organic material in plants exceeds many times the annual oil and gas production. Wood and other plants provide a vast selection of low molecular-weight and polymeric organic compounds such as cellulose, lignin, terpenes and polyphenols, among others, which can be transformed into numerous valuable products.

The participation of representatives from various countries will promote a fruitful exchange of ideas, the strengthening of international cooperation, and the involvement of scientists in international research projects and programs. Additionally, the conference will provide a professional assessment of the future economic and industrial prospects of these goals.

Co-Chairmen of Local Program Committee:                                               Mikhail Ya. Zarubin, and Nikolay S. Zefirov

Chairman of Local Organizing Committee:                                                       Aleksander V. Vasilyev