Waterfowl of Northern Eurasia:
Research, conservation, and sustainable use

The 5th Conference of the Goose, Swan and Duck Study Group of Northern Eurassia
The 17th Conference of the Goose Specialist Group of IUCN-Species Survival Comission and Wetlands International
November 30 – December 06, 2015


Dear Colleagues!


Goose, Swan and Duck Study Group of Northern Eurasia and the Goose Specialist Group of IUCN-Species Survival Commission and Wetlands International
invite you to the participate in the
International Conference on the waterfowl of Northern Eurasia
30 November – 6 December 2015
Salekhard, Yamalo-Nenetskiy Autonomous Okrug, Russia

Basic topics of the Conference:

1. Waterfowl biology: Recent fundamental studies
2. Waterfowl and climate change
3. Innovative methods and approaches to waterfowl research and conservation
4. Migrations and flyway approach to the population studies
5. Waterfowl population dynamics 
6. Waterfowl population management

Special workshops and round table discussions: 

1. Waterfowl hunting: management and control
2. Waterfowl in the regions of intensive hydrocarbon resource development: current problems
3. Innovative approaches to conservation of rare waterfowl species
4. Analysis of the long-term dynamics of waterfowl populations and their habitats as a background for updating the Red Data Book of the Russian Federation
5. Conservation of rare and game waterfowl species in Yamalo-Nenetskiy Autonomous Okrug
6. West Siberian migration route: Coordination of protection measures and game management in contiguous regions
7. Training workshop for the staff of game management agencies of Yamalo-Nenetskiy Autonomous Okrug

Regions of priority:
1. The Arctic Region
2. Western Siberia
3. Countries of the East Asian-Australasian Flyway

Presentations by the experts from all other regions are also welcome!

The workshop of the Anatidae Working Group of the East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership (EAAFP) is planned to be held during the Conference. The implementation of Russian-Chinese Agreement on conservation of migratory birds and their habitats is also to be discussed.

​Conference languages:​ English and Russian (with simultaneous interpreting)

Conference venue:
Office building of the Government of Yamalo-Nenetskiy Autonomous Okrug (Prospect Molodezhi, 9, Salekhard, Yamalo-Nenetskiy Autonomous Okrug, 629008, Russia)