European Conference
on Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy

May 12-15, 2007



The ECONOS-2007 Book of Abstracts and photos are available from

The 6-th ECONOS Conference
, to be held in Saint Petersburg on 12-15.05.2007, is a continuation of annual meetings devoted to different issues in a rapidly expanding field of nonlinear optical spectroscopy. ECONOS has emerged in 2002 to widen the agendas of the former annual European CARS (Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering) workshops (held since 1982) and to cover all forms of non-linear optical spectroscopy, theoretical and experimental studies and applications. Topics include, but are not limited to, Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy CARS, other forms of coherent Raman spectroscopy, Four-Wave Mixing and different third-(or higher)-order responses in the time and frequency domain and related techniques as well as to the physical and chemical processes defining the spectral signatures in different media. Contributions on applications in physics, chemistry, engineering, bio-medical research and other inter-disciplinary areas are particularly welcome.

The 6th annual ECONOS meeting is organized by the V.A. Fock Institute of Physics (, a large structural research unit within the Saint Petersburg State University. The conference venue in the largest city of the northern Europe gives possibility to bring together scientists from both the western and eastern part of the continent.

To enlarge the sight-seeing and cultural program, the Conference will be plannedly held in the Saint Petersburg center, just in the beginning of the white-night season. The registration starts in the second half of Saturday, May 12, and is prolonged to the Sunday, which will also be reserved for sightseeing and welcome party.

Organizing Committee:

ECONOS-2007 Chairman:
Dr. Thomas Seeger, TU Erlangen, Germany

Steering Comittee Members:
Brigitte Attal-Tretout, France
Per-Eric Bengtson, Sweden
Dionisio Bermejo, Spain
Jeanine Bonamy, France
Paul Ewart, Great Britain
Roberta Fantoni, Italy
Dmitri Kozlov, Russia
Bruno Lavorel, France
Arnulf Materny, Germany
Peter Radi, Switzerland
Frantisek Uherek, Slovakia
Aleksei Zheltikov, Russia

Local Organizing Committee:

Dr. Alexander Kouzov, Saint Petersburg State University, Russia

Prof. Aleksei Zheltikov
Prof. Valery Smirnov
Dr. Dmitri Kozlov
Natalie Egorova

Previous ECONOS meetings:

ECONOS 2006, Smolenice, Slovak Republik, April 9-11
ECONOS 2005, Oxford, United Kingdom, April 10-12
ECONOS 2004, Erlangen, Germany, April 4-6
ECONOS 2003, Besancon, France, March 30,31 and April 1
ECONOS 2002, Villigen, Switzerland, March 18-19