XXIV International Workshop on Water Waves and Floating Bodies

April 19-22, 2009



Kronstadt is located on island of Kotlin in Gulf of Finland on distance of 48 km from St.-Petersburg. The island area is 1584 hectares. Transport communication with continent is carried out on overland technological road. The City of Kronstadt is one of the most known small cities of the country and possesses outstanding historical and a cultural heritage. A city history inseparably linked with Peter I innovations, formation and strengthening of navy fleet of Russia, great inventions and opening of Russian scientists as well as heroic events of the Second World War.

The historical part of Kronstadt and the Kronstadt fortress are included into the list of the World heritage of UNESCO. There are more than 300 monuments of history, culture, technics. Unique hydraulic engineering and defensive works, fine buildings and ensembles, such as a fort of Kronshlot, a complex of provincial houses of the beginning of 18 centuries, Peter the Great first-ever self-drain channel-dock, the sample of a military camp of 18 centuries, the Sea cathedral and other monuments catch touristís attention.