XXIV International Workshop on Water Waves and Floating Bodies

April 19-22, 2009


Sightseeing city tour

There is no other way to get an impression about the City of St.Petersburg, than to take a short ride on a bus with an expert guide. The tour includes picturesque sightseeing peculiarities that are most favored by tourists from the world over.
Naturally, it's Nevsky Avenue, the main city's thoroughfare, with luxurious shopping centers, restaurants, churches and cathedrals, banks and offices.
You'll invariably see and admire the Palace Square, make a stop by the beautifully decorated Church of Resurrection (known also as Saviour-on the Blood Church), Saint Isaacís Cathedral and Peter and Paul fortress with Cathedral where all Russian emperors were buried.

You will also be able to pass by the Hermitage, the world known museum, the Admiralty and the Bronze Horseman - the monument to the founder of the City - Peter I.
And, of course, you will stop on the Spit of Basilís Island Ė this spot gives an amazing panoramic view of the granite embankments of the Niva river.
You will learn a lot about the history and modern life of the city. The tour is quite cognitive and very spectacular.

Peter and Paul Fortress

The St. Peter and Paul Fortress was founded on 27 May 1703 to defend St.Petersburg against enemy raids. From the middle of the 18th century it contained Russian political prison. In addition to viewing the ancient fortifications on the grounds of the fortress, one can visit Peter and Paul cathedral, designed by D.Trezzini, which is the cityís tallest building (the height of the spire is 121.8 meter); the house of the "grandfather of the Russian navy", where exact copy of Peter Iís little boat is kept and the Mint.

Located within the St. Peter and Paul Cathedral is the burial vault of Peter the Great and other Russian tsars.
The museum in Trubetskoy Bastion Prison holds expositions of "The History of St.Petersburg", "The History of the Imperial Mint", and "Pechatnya" (Printing Workshop). The fortress also includes The Museum on Cosmonautics and Missilery, and the excursion route entitled "Panorama of the Neva" - over the roofs of the fortressí bastions.