XXIV International Workshop on Water Waves and Floating Bodies

April 19-22, 2009


Palaces of St. Petersburg

Stroganoff Palace - the oldest of palaces under the Russian Museum supervision. For almost 2 centuries, it was the property of Barons and Counts Stroganoff. Its building was begun in 1738 and headed by M. Zemtsov. Howerever, F. Rastrelli is considered as its real author who completed the outward appearance of the palace. The interiors were worked out by the remarkable Russian architects F. Demertsov, A. Voronikhin, G. Bosse, et al. A permanent exhibition "The Treasure of the House of Stroganoffs" is opened in the restored first-floor suite of rooms.

Yusupovskiy Palace - a unique architectural ensemble of the XVIII-XIX centuries, historical and cultural monument (architect J.-B. Vallen-Delamot). During 1830-1917, it was owned by 5 generations of a noble family of princes Yusupovs. The palace has retained official apartments, the halls of art gallery, a private theatre, and luxurious living apartments of the Yusupovs family, now open to the public. The palace got into national history as a place where Grigoriy Rasputin was assasinated. The tragedy happened in private apartments of young Prince Felix Yusupov on the night of December 17, 1916. Now these rooms are arranged as a historical and documental exhibition.
Since 1925, Yusupovskiy Palace hosted the Palace for Culture of Educators, which in 1990s was reformed into a historical and cultural center comprising in its activity the museum, theatrical, concert, and scientific and educational functions.