XXIV International Workshop on Water Waves and Floating Bodies

April 19-22, 2009


Tour to the KSI

We are arranging an excursion to the Krylov Shipbuilding Institute just after the Workshop. This excursion starts at 2pm from the Workshop site. We arrive at 4pm to the Institute and stay there for 1,5 hours. The institute is close to Pulkovo airport. Participants who are leaving on the evening of 22.04 from Pulkovo will be in the airport by 6pm. Please visit official web site to learn about the Krylov Shipbuilding Institute. If you are willing to visit the Krylov Institute, please send email to a.korobkin@uea.ac.uk

The Krylov Institute has all key experimental facilities relevant for the following aspects of the marine technologies:

Naval ship conceptual design studies (trend prediction, future programme planning, methods for military/economic efficiency evaluations, shipbuilding industry technical/economical evaluations, etc.)

Hydrodynamics ( seakeeping , performance, manoeuvrability , etc.)

Commercial ship and offshore engineering conceptual design studies

All kinds of marine propulsors (propulsive , acoustic and strength performances)

Structural mechanics (static and dynamic strengths of ship structures, marine equipment and machinery strength, structural protections and armouring, shock and vibration endurance)

Marine power plants and power generation, including nuclear, as well as nuclear and radiation safety issues

Equipment, machinery and ship acoustic performance (calculation, measurement and monitoring methods, noise control tools, instrumentation, platform noise affecting sonar operation )

Stealth technologies for low-signature ship design (calculation, measurement and control methods for magnetic, electric, extreme-low-frequency electromagnetic, radar, lidar and infra-red signature parameters, including EMC problems of electric and electronic hardware and the reduction of electromagnetic noise affecting sensor operation)

Hydrophysics interactions between engineering products and the marine environment; ecological monitoring for technology-infested water areas subjected to accidental pollution risks, and marine environment condition predictions

Generation and updating of the shipbuilding industry database of technical regulations and standards, certification and licensing, microfilming of engineering documents

Practical design , including construction documents, for commercial vessels, naval auxiliaries and offshore structures

The actual R&D potential of the Krylov Institute (experimental facilities and research personnel) is unique and the sole one available in Russia. Just this reason alone is enough to explain why it has never been, is or will be possible to produce a surface ship, a submarine and any other sophisticated marine engineering product without involving this or other capability of the Krylov Institute.