XXIV International Workshop on Water Waves and Floating Bodies

April 19-22, 2009


Sightseeing city tour

Zelenogorsk is a suburb of St.Petersburg, located in a gorgeous part of the Karelian neck on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, 50 km away from St. Petersburg. Formally, it is an integral part of the St. Petersburg recreation area. Used to belong to Finland prior to 1939 under the name of Terijoki.

Though it used to be a God forgotten Finnish village at one time, today Terijoki is a resort and "bedroom" suburb of St. Petersburg. Between these two states there were incomplete seven decades, in course of which the settlement lived through the two totally different periods of prosperity, so unlike one to other.

Seven decades - two epochs. The settlement was not a official city, but almost metropolitan life seethed here. It is difficult to imagine today, that here, as in a city, historical areas (Keskikylä - the centre, Käkösenpää - the western part, Ollinpää - the eastern part, Koivikko - the northern part) and historical toponyms ("Seppänen's corner", "Karjalainen's hill", "Saharoff's hill" etc.) could be found; the representatives of not less than 10 ethnic groups lived at the settlement, there were temples or praying houses of 4 confessions.

In recent time Zelenogorsk is second-large (after Sestroretsk) city of resort area of St.-Petersburg. Zelenogorsk has the status of a resort city, therefore in it there is no industry. In a city and its vicinities is situated a great number of sanatoria, rest houses and summer children's camps.