International Conference on Spectral Line Shapes

June 3 – 9, 2012


Cultural program

An attractive social programme is organised before, during, and after the conference for participants and accompanying persons to experience the attractions of the city and surrounding areas.

The boat trip. Rivers and canals

Saint-Petersburg is the city of rivers and canals. Someone calls Saint-Petersburg a North Venice because of its numerous waterways. A boat cruise along the channels and waterways will present you the unique view of the city.
You will realize that the city looks completely different when viewed from the water.
Penetrating into the web of city’s water veins the boat will take you to the most lonely and quiet parts of Saint Petersburg.
Walk on Neva - wonderful travel. You will see prospect of the Petersburg embankments famous architectural ensembles, will pass under figured bridges, which for a long time stay symbols of our city.


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Peterhof is one of the oldest summer residences in the vicinity of St.Petersburg. Peterhof means "Peter’s Court".
It was founded in 1710.
The fountains are connected by means of a water-main with springs welling out in the Ropshinsky Heights. It was also the time when the park later named as Lower was established there. In the middle of the XVIII century the palace was augmented upon the project of the architect Rastrelli.
Located on the steep slope in front of the palace the Grand Cascade consists of 64 fountains that are embellished with bronze sculptures and bas-reliefs. 
In the center of the cascade there is the famous sculptural group "Samson tearing the lion’s jaws".
In the lower park the Marli Palace, the Hermitage and the Monplaisir Palace were constructed. The Monplaisir became the first picture gallery in Russia which contained a large collection of paintings of Dutch and Flemish masters. In front of the palace are a garden with a fountain, a parterre and several sculptures.
The Marli Palace is situated on the shore of a pond and opposite it there is the "Golden Mountain" cascade, the steps of which are faced with marble and gilded copper panels. The marble statues decorating the cascade are designed from the ancient original sculptures or brought in from Italy in 1870. In the park the alleys are also adorned with fountains.
There are also two marble fountains in the square which bear resemblance to the fountain in front of the St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome, hence their name, the "Roman" fountains.


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Tsarskoye Selo (Royal Village), located 25 km south of St. Petersburg, first appeared in the 18C as the summer residence of the Russian tsars. In 1918 the town was renamed into Detskoe Selo (Children’s Village). In 1937 the name was changed into Pushkin, to commemorate the centenary of the great Russian poet’s tragic death.
Created for two centuries by many prominent architects, the unique architectural ensemble of Pushkin is world famed for its elegant palaces and pavilions, landscape parks and ponds, 18-century marble statues and historic obelisks.
This "town of Muses" inspired many celebrated Russian poets, painters and musicians to create their renowned masterpieces in music and art.
In 1752-1756 a remarkable Bolshoy Catherine Palace - the striking example of baroque architecture - was built by architect Rastrelli, and numerous entertainment pavilions were erected in the park, including «Hall on the Island», Sliding Hill, Hermitage and Grotto.
The splendor of new architectural ensemble immediately caused everybody’s admiration and delight. Tsarskoe Selo became the place for official receptions of Russian nobility and representatives of foreign states, who were visiting Russia with diplomatic missions.
During the reign of Catherine the Great further significant alterations were made to the palace and park. The Catherine Park was extended with the layout of the garden landscaped in the English style. In the palace itself part of baroque interiors with abundance of gilded moldings and sculptures were completely altered by the Scottish architect Charles Cameron in the spirit of increasingly fashionable Classical style.

Price per person, RUR
Peterhof (06.06.12 strats at 14-00)
The boat trip Rivers and canals (07.06.12 strats at 22-00)
Tsarskoye Selo (Pushkin) (09.06.12 strats at 08-00)


All excursions will take place if the group will be more than 10 participants.