International Conference on Spectral Line Shapes

June 3 – 9, 2012



Saint-Petersburg is easy to reach via many daily convenient flight connections from main European and American cities.
Saint-Petersburg International Airport "Pulkovo-2" is 15 km away from the center of the city.
One can also come to Saint-Petersburg from Europe by bus, car, ship or train. Saint-Petersburg has a fast and comfortable Metro system that is open from 5:30 a.m.- 6 a.m. (depending on the station) in the morning till midnight.
Metro one-way fare is paid by a token that costs 25 RUR or about 0.7 euro regardless of the distance and number of stops. Buses, trolleybuses and trams run from 5.30 a.m. till midnight. There are also route-taxies and taxies. Public transport fares are accepted only in cash and vary from 27 to 60 RUR. Tickets should be bought from the conductor or the driver in express buses and route-taxes. Each ticket is for a single route only.

The Metro System
65 underground stations form 5 lines in Saint-Petersburg. The Metro operates from 5.30 a.m. to midnight. Line transfers are closed at 00:10 a.m. The fare is 25 RUR paid by tokens (that may be also used for local calls in some city pay-phones) or by magnetic cards available at all Metro stations.

Taxies can be identified by the checkered stripes and the letter “T” on the car door or the highlighted sign “Taxi” on the car roof.
The fare is about 30 RUR per kilometer. The larger hotels maintain their own fleets of cabs for their clients but they charge a considerably higher fare.
Although many taxi-parks have their own taxi-order services taxies may be also ordered via the centralized taxi-order service, tel. 448-44-44, 700-00-00, 24 hours a day.
So you can ask manager on reception desk of your hotel to call a taxi for you.