International symposium
“Modern trends in organometallic chemistry and catalysis”
dedicated to the 90th anniversary
of the academician M. E. Vol’pin

June 03-07, 2013


Symposium will take place at A.N. Nesmeyanov Institute of Organoelement Compounds of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Address: Moscow, Vavilova St. 28.

The Institute of Organoelement Compounds of the Russian Academy of Sciences of Sciences (INEOS) was founded in 1954. The credit of its creation is mostly due to prominent scientist, the President of the USSR Academy of Sciences, academician A.N. Nesmeyanov (1899–1980), who has founded the modern chemistry of organoelement compounds. He headed the Institute for 26 years. His successors as directors of the Institute were Members of the Academy of Sciences A.V. Fokin who headed INEOS in 1980 to 1988, and M.E. Vol’pin (1989-1996). Since 1996 Professor Yu.N.Bubnov, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), has been in charge of the Institute.

At present INEOS is a large research centre with 664 employees, including 564 scientific researchers, among them 77 Professors (Dr.Sc.) and 248 Ph.D. researchers.

INEOS is a internationally recognized research establishment, where the chemistry of organoelement and macromolecular compounds is developed. Its reputation as a scientific centre in chemistry is very high both in Russia and abroad. Many outstanding scientists who initiated new directions in organic and organoelement chemistry, polymer chemistry, physical chemistry, and physics, such as Members of the Academy of Sciences, K.A. Andrianov, I.L. Knunyants, V.V. Korshak, I.V. Obreimov, M.E. Vol’pin, M.I. Kabachnik, O.A. Reutov, Corresponding Members of the Academy of Sciences D.N. Kursanov, Yu.T. Struchkov, R.Kh. Freydlina, Professor A.I .Kitaigorodsky, and many others have been working at INEOS. At present, Members of RAS Yu.N. Bubnov, A.R. Khokhlov, Corresponding Members of RAS T.A. Mastryukova, M.Yu. Antipin, and E.E. Nifant’ev are actively working at the Institute.

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