The Annual Conference of the European Association of Psychology and Law (EAPL) “Actual problems of Psychology and Law. Victims and witnesses: from research to effective practice”

June 24-27, 2014


Visa support

Visa requirements: General information
All foreign nationals attending the Conference must obtain a visa to enter the Russian Federation. Each person will have to apply for visa himself/herself in their home country. Given the nature of the meeting, a tourist visa is recommended for all participants who need a visa. Monomax will provide all participants with a visa voucher and confirmation of the hotel reservation. These documents are required for the formal visa application at a Russian Consulate or Embassy.

Applying for visa support, make sure that during your reservation you fill in your FULL NAME AS STATED ON PASSPORT in the comments box shown in the reservation form.

Visa type
Tourist (fax copy)
RUR 500
Scanned/fax copy
Tourist (original tourist visa voucher + express mail expenses)
RUR 3500
Period of delivery 3-4 days
Business (original business visa voucher + express mail expenses)
Price of the Business visa depends on the citizenship of the participants but usually no less than 2000 RUR + express mail expenses depending on the country of destination
Period of applying 1.5-2 months.
Period of delivery 3-4 days





Originals are required only in some countries. Please contact the Russian Consulate in your country to make sure whether an invitation fax copy or electronic file (pdf) is acceptable for the application.
Online application forms are mandatory to request a visa in most Russian Consulates. However, procedures and fees may vary across different countries. Please read them carefully before submitting an application.
For most EU countries two passport photos, proof of purchase of a personal travel/health insurance and the details of return air ticket are also required at the time of application. We advise you to contact the Consulate to enquire if they need anything else.

The personal travel/health insurance must be on the name of passport holder applying for the visa.
If you do not have a travel insurance, we may purchase one while booking your air ticket. Most airline companies offer (cheap) personal travel/health insurance, which satisfies the legal requirements for a visa application. Company business travel insurance are not acceptable. 

In order to obtain the visa your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the proposed date of departure.

Requesting a tourist visa invitation
Use the online reservation (Visa Support section) to submit a request for a tourist visa invitation. This request should be filled in at the time of the reservation for your hotel accommodation.
Visa support documents will be issued based on the personal information submitted by each participant and accompanying person during the registration.
Please check the information to avoid mistakes. Please note that Monomax will issue the tourist visa invitation only after the payment of hotel reservation has been cleared.
Requesting a business visa invitation
To obtain business visa invitation, please contact us by e-mail:

Important notice:
1) Make sure that you enter your NAME and SURNAME as in your passport.
2) Make sure all information shown in the invitation is correct immediately upon receipt. Contact the Monomax representative if you find any mistake.

Participants who decide to make their own travel arrangements  (e.g., those who have made their own hotel reservation) still require a tourist visa invitation.  Please send the copy of hotel confirmation by e-mail ( to be provided with visa support. Participants who plan to stay at friends, should be provided with private invitation by their friends (according to the Russian laws).


- “Purpose of visit (Object of journey)” – please state “TOURISM” (please do not state any other purpose of visit as you are applying for a Tourist visa.
- “Directive number” – you don’t need to fill it in as it’s needed only when the Russian MFA in Moscow provides a support for you.
- “Name of the tourist company (Russian organization to be visited)”: – state “Monomax Ltd".
- “Tourist company reference number” – state MBT # 000398”.
- “Number of confirmation” – you visa support number (please see the number of the voucher).
- “Itinerary (place of visit in Russia)” - “Saint Petersburg” (and/or other cities you are going to visit in Russia).
- “Name and reference number of the tourist group” - state “Individual trip”
- “Who will pay for your trip to and stay in Russia” - state “Myself” or state a member of your family.

*     If you are asked in the Consulate about the place where you will stay in Russia, please use the hotel name indicated in our voucher (right side of the visa support paper).
      This is also correct even if you stay at some other place during your visit, and streamlines the process of getting Russian entry visa.
**   Carefully check the arrival / departure dates to Russia which you indicate in the application. Once you are in Russia, you can not extend your visa period without going out of Russia.

Registration upon arrival in the Russian Federation

In addition to obtaining a visa, the Russian law requires foreign nationals staying more than 6 working days on the territory of Russian Federation to register.  Your hotel takes all responsibilities for the registration. A fee of RUR 200-500 per person is charge for the period of stay. This amount is to be paid by the guest directly at the hotel check in desk upon arrival. You are liable to an additional fee of RUR 200-500 if you extend your stay at the hotel, beyond the period you have indicated during your registration online.

Crossing the border to enter Russia you’ll be asked to fill in the migration card. Keep it until you leave Russia.