The Annual Conference of the European Association of Psychology and Law (EAPL) “Actual problems of Psychology and Law. Victims and witnesses: from research to effective practice”

June 24-27, 2014


Excursion to Tsarskoye Selo

The Tsarskoye Selo palace and park ensemble (the Tsarskoye Selo State Museum-Preserve) is a superb monument of world-ranking architecture and garden-and-park design dating from the eighteenth to early twentieth centuries. A whole constellation of outstanding architects, sculptors and painters made the ideas of their crowned clients a reality here. Tsarskoye Selo is a cluster of very fine examples of Baroque and Classical architecture and it was also the first place in the Russian capital where interiors decorated in the Moderne (Art Nouveau) style appeared.

The compositional centre of the ensemble is the Great Tsarskoye Selo or Catherine Palace ¨C a splendid example of the Russian Baroque. Visitors are enraptured by the sumptuous d¨¦cor of the Great Hall and the Golden Enfilade of state rooms that includes the world-famous Amber Room now returned to life. Today, as we enter the palace, we can sense the spirit of the times of Empresses Elizabeth and Catherine II and admire unique works of fine and applied art.

Date: June 27, 2014
Duration: 5 hours
Time: 16:30
Price: 1500 RUR
English-speaking guide
The excursion is free for the participants, who paid "accompanying person" registration fee.

The excursion will take place if minimum 20 participants book the tickets.

Boat trip

Saint-Petersburg is the city of rivers and canals. Someone calls Saint-Petersburg a North Venice because of its numerous waterways. A boat cruise along the channels and waterways will present you the unique view of the city. You will realize that the city viewed from the water looks completely different. Penetrating into the web of city¡¯s water veins the boat will take you to the most lonely and quiet parts of Saint Petersburg. Walk on Neva - wonderful travel. You will see the prospect of the Petersburg embankments, famous architectural ensembles, you will pass under figured bridges, which for a long time stay the symbols of our city.


Date: June 25, 2014
Duration: 2 hours
Time: 20:00
Price: 2200 RUR
English-speaking guide

The excursion will take place if minimum 15 participants book the tickets.