The Annual Conference of the European Association of Psychology and Law (EAPL) “Actual problems of Psychology and Law. Victims and witnesses: from research to effective practice”

June 24-27, 2014


Dear Possible Member of the European Association of Psychology and Law,

You may already know that the European Association of Psychology and Law has members in a substantial number of countries and that in some of these countries the number of members is considerable. However, in some countries we currently have only a few members and this includes your country. Therefore, I am contacting you to ask you if you would be willing to consider becoming a member. The annual membership fee is only 50 Euros (or less for students).

Would you also consider
(i) passing this message on to other possible members (including students)
(ii) letting me have the names and email addresses of persons whom I might contact to encourage them to become members.

With regards,
Professor Ray Bull President-Elect of EAPL

The Association’s website is at

On our website you will find information about our organisation including:

• The many benefits of membership and how to become a member
• Our excellent student section and student and early careers awards
• Our upcoming 2014 annual conference in St. Petersburg, Russia
• Our journal Psychology, Crime and Law Below is some of the information from our website:

Mission Statement

The aims of the EAPL are as follows:
(i) the development and promotion of research
(ii) making improvements in legal procedures informed by empirical research in the field of psychology and law,
(iii) education and the advancement of knowledge in the field, and
(iv) the development of practice in the field of psychology and law (e.g., legal psychology, criminological psychology, forensic psychology, the law and human behaviour, the collection of evidence and consideration of improvements in substantive law, legal procedures and practices taking account of psychological insights and research).

Our focus is all Europe but we promote communication and collaboration with individuals and centres across the world towards the achievement of these aims

How we do what we do

We strive to reach these aims by the following means:

*   Organising an annual conference in a location in Europe – in 2014 in St. Petersburg in June

*   Promoting communication and cooperation among psychologists, criminologists, lawyers and other interested professional groups, and between researchers and practitioners

*   Publishing manuscripts describing research and good practice in the field

*   Promoting research projects and programmes

*   Facilitating education and post-graduate training

*   Developing and protecting ethical codes and criteria for high standards of professional competence and practice

*   Working with other academic, professional and governmental associations and institutions internationally

*   Making recommendations and giving advice to official agencies

*   Promoting student involvement in the field of psychology and law

*   And disseminating information and knowledge to the public.

Types of membership

Full member

Full Members of EAPL will enjoy the benefits of reduced conference fees, reduced EAPL book prices, and eight issues per year of the EAPL journal Psychology, Crime and Law.
Full membership requires a university degree or extended professional experience acquired in at least one position of responsibility in the field of psychology and law. Without these qualifications, only affiliate membership is possible.
The annual fee for full membership is EUR 50.

Student/Affiliate member
Student/Affiliate Choice A
* Student/Affiliate choice A members are offered a reduced fee but enjoy all the same benefits as full members, that is, reduced conference fees and eight issues per year of the EAPL journal Psychology, Crime and Law. In addition, student/affiliate members can take advantage of EAPL student society events and awards.
* The annual fee for student/affiliate choice A membership is EUR 40.

Student/Affiliate Choice B
* Student/Affiliate choice B members are offered a significantly reduced membership fee but they do not receive the EAPL journal Psychology, Crime and Law.
* All Student members can take advantage of EAPL student society events and awards.
* Annual fees for student/affiliate option B membership are EUR 20.

Still have questions?
All queries about EAPL membership should be directed to the Treasurer/Membership Officer, Dr Mette Kreis.
She can be contacted as follows:
Phone: +44 (0)1324 614347
Fax: +44 (0)1324 614350
Address: Adult Clinical Psychology Service Falkirk Community Hospital Major's Loan Falkirk, FK1 5QE Scotland, UK


The EAPL-S, in conjunction with the EAPL, is delighted to be able to offer another small research grant this year. This grant is intended to support small research projects in the area of psychology and law (forensic psychology) that can be carried out in a short period of time with limited resources. All applications will be reviewed and evaluated by the awards committee and the top-rated research proposal will receive an award of €300 (about $400). Runners-up will receive honorary mentions, but will not receive funding.
The deadline for this year's award will be announced in early 2014.


Member of the EAPL
Enrolled in graduate or undergraduate program (Bachelors, Masters, or PhD) at an accredited university.


* 1,000 word summary of the proposed research including:

Objectives: Briefly state the explicit objectives of your proposed research program.

Context: Situate the proposed research in context of the relevant scholarly literature. Explain the relationship/relevance of the proposed research to your ongoing research (if you have ongoing research). Describe how it relates to experiences and insights gained from earlier research achievements. Explain the importance, originality and anticipated contribution to knowledge of the proposed research. Describe the theoretical approach or framework.

Methodology: Describe the proposed research strategies/key activities, including methodological approaches and procedures for data collection and analysis, that will be used to achieve the stated objectives. Justify the choice of methodology and explain the specific instruments or procedures to be used. For example, if you plan to conduct interviews, specify the type of interview to be conducted, the nature of the questions, etc. It is equally important to explain how the data will be analyzed (i.e. techniques to be used and why these techniques are appropriate) so that the committee can clearly understand what real contribution will be made to the advancement of knowledge and is not left with the impression that the proposal is essentially a data-gathering exercise

Proposed budget: Briefly explain how the small research grant will be used. If it is intended to fund participant reimbursement costs or materials, briefly explain how this will be monitored. If it is intended to fund you as a researcher (which is appropriate), please mention this.
References: Include a comprehensive list of all scholarly references mentioned in your proposal.

Applications must include either an ethics certificate for the proposed research or an explanation of how ethics approval will be obtained.

* Include your Curriculum Vitae with appropriate contact information.


Email your complete submission to  indicating “Small research grant 2014 application” in the subject of your email. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.
The deadline for this year's award will be announced in early 2014.

*Please note that conference award amounts and specifications are subject to change depending on budget allocations for the given year. The following criteria and monetary sums are from the 2013-2014 budget year.*

Awards encourage student attendance and Participation at EAPL conferences, and promote academic excellence among students.

Apply for EAPL-S Russia 2014 awards today! 

Applications are due May 15th, 2013.
EAPL-S aims to provide students with mobility awards and conference incentives for each psychology and law related conference. The following travel and poster awards were all generously donated by the EAPL for the 2013-2014 year, and will be awarded at the EAPL Russia 2014 conference.
Apply for EAPL-S Coventry 2013 awards today! Applications are due May 15th, 2014.


You are eligible for these awards if you are.
1. A member of EAPL
2. Are registered as a student at a post-secondary institution
3. Are presenting a poster or paper at the EAPL 2014 conference.
NOTE: To apply for these awards provide proof of conference registration and EAPL membership, and evidence that you have been accepted to present a poster or paper at the conference. 

Poster Awards

For the three most outstanding and innovative posters submitted to the EAPL 2014 conference. First Place (€ 200), Second Place (€ 150), Third Place (€ 100).

Application: You are automatically entered in this competition if you are presenting a poster at the 2014 conference.

Evaluation: The awards committee will judge all posters during the conference poster session. The awards committee will be comprised of two EAPL student representatives and two EAPL professional representatives. Evaluation will be based on scoring criteria established ahead of time.

Our very active student section hosts a series of academic and social events at each EAPL conference, and presents poster awards and travel awards.

Previous Conferences

1988 - Maastricht, The Netherlands
1990 - Nuremberg, Germany
1992 - Oxford, England
1994 - Barcelona, Spain
1995 - Budapest, Hungary
1996 - Siena, Italy
1997 - Stockholm, Sweden
1998 - Krakow, Poland
1999 - Dublin, Ireland
2000 - Limassol, Cyprus
2001 - Lisbon, Portugal
2002 - Leuven, Belgium
2003 - Edinburgh, Scotland
2004 - Kraków, Poland
2005 - Vilnius, Lithuania
2006 - Liverpool, United Kingdom
2007 - Adelaide, Australia
2008 - Maastricht, The Netherlands
2009 - Sorrento, Italy
2010 - Gothenburg, Sweden
2011 - Miami, USA
2012 - Nicosia, Cyprus
2013 - Coventry, UK

If you do not have a Russian passport it is likely that you will need a Visa to visit Russia. Visa cost will depend on country of origin, but is typically approximately €150.
For information on obtaining your visa, visit this interactive website for more information:
Note that student visas (Bachelor, Masters, and PhD) will be fully reimbursed. Keynotes There will be five keynote speakers at the 2014 EAPL conference.