49th European Marine Biology Symposium

September 8–12, 2014, St. Petersburg, Russia, Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences


Visa support

Visa requirements: General information
The majority of foreign citizens need a visa to enter Russian Federation. Given the nature of the meeting, a tourist visa is recommended for all participants who need a visa. Monomax will provide all participants with a visa voucher and confirmation of the hotel reservation. These documents are required for the formal visa application.

When applying for visa support, make sure that during your reservation you include your FULL NAME AS STATED IN PASSPORT in the comments box shown in the reservation form.

Visa type
Tourist visa support (fax/scanned copy)
RUR 450
Fax or scan copy. Period of providing 1-2 working days
Tourist visa support (original tourist visa voucher + express mail expenses)
RUR 3500      
Period of providing 1-2 working days. Period of express mail delivery 3-4 working days

Original documents are required only in some countries. Please contact the Russian consulate in your country to confirm whether a fax copy of the invitation or electronic file (pdf) is acceptable for the application.

Online application forms are mandatory to request a visa in most Russian Consulates. However, procedures and fees may vary across different countries. Please read them carefully before submitting an application.
For most EU countries two passport photos, proof of purchase of a personal travel/health insurance and the details of return air ticket are also required at the time of application. We advise you to contact the Consulate to enquire if they need anything else.

The personal travel/health insurance must be for the name of passport holder applying for the visa.
If you do not have a travel insurance, we may purchase one when booking your air ticket. Most airline companies offer (cheap) personal travel/health insurance, which satisfies the legal requirements for a visa application. Company business travel insurance are not acceptable. 

Be advised that in order to obtain a visa your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the proposed date of departure.

Requesting a tourist visa invitation
Use the online reservation (Visa Support section) to submit a request for a tourist visa invitation. Please note that Monomax Service Agency provides participants with tourist visa support papers (invitation and hotel voucher) for the dates of the Meeting +/- a few days, but not more than 14 days in total.
Visa support is issued only after the payment for hotel accommodation is made. 
To order visa support documents, log in online reservation system.

Participants who decide to make their own travel arrangements  (e.g., those who have made their own hotel reservation) still need a tourist visa invitation.  Please send the copy of hotel confirmation by e-mail (EMBS49@onlinereg.ru) to be provided with visa support. Participants who plan to stay at friends, should be provided with private invitation by their friends (according to the Russian laws).
Please, do not forget to provide your login ID number in all correspondence regarding your registration.

*     Whether you will be asked in the Consulate about the place where you stay in Russia, please use the hotel name indicated in the voucher (right side of the visa support paper).
      This is also correct even if you stay at some other place during you visit, and streamlines the process of getting Russian entry visa.

**    Carefully check the arrival / departure dates to Russia which you indicate in the application. Once you are in Russia, you can not extend your visa period without going out of Russia.

***  According to the Russian migration law all foreign citizens coming to Russia must be registered in state authority or in the hotel (in case you are staying at the hotel) within first 7 days from crossing the border.
When crossing the border to enter Russia you’d be asked to fill in the migration card. Do not lose it and keep it until you leave Russia.