49th European Marine Biology Symposium

September 812, 2014, St. Petersburg, Russia, Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences



Saint Petersburg is a major transport hub. It has an extensive system of local roads and railway services, maintains a large public transport system that includes the Saint Petersburg tram and the Saint Petersburg Metro, and is home to a number of riverine services that convey passengers around the city efficiently and in relative comfort.
The city is connected to the rest of Russia and the wider world by a number of federal highways and national and international rail routes. Pulkovo Airport serves the majority of air passengers departing from or arriving to the city.

Roads and public transport
Saint Petersburg has an extensive city-funded network of public transport (buses, trams, trolleybuses) and several hundred routes served by minibuses  or so called "marshrutka" (fixed route taxi-bus.It's not a public transport. They belong to private companies. Marshrutka has a number and route descriptions written in Russian on the side windows. You will be charged approx. 35 roubles when you board a minibus, then just tell the driver where you want him to stop). Buses carry up to three million passengers daily, serving over 250 urban and a number of suburban bus routes. Saint Petersburg Metro underground rapid transit system has 5 lines with 67 stations, connecting all five railway terminals.
Traffic jams are common in the city, because of high daily traffic volumes between the commuter boroughs and the city centre, intercity traffic, and at times excessive snow in winter.

Metro map

Today, the city is the final destination of a web of intercity and suburban railways, served by five different railway terminals (Baltiysky, Finlyandsky, Ladozhsky, Moskovsky, and Vitebsky).
Saint Petersburg has international railway connections to Helsinki, Finland, Berlin, Germany, and all former republics of the USSR.
In 2009 Russian Railways launched a high speed service on the Moscow-Saint Petersburg route. The new train, known as Sapsan, is a deriative of the popular Siemens Velaro train; various versions of which are already in service in a number of European countries.

Official site of Russian Railways

Air travel
Saint Petersburg is also served by Pulkovo International Airport and by three smaller commercial and cargo airports in the suburbs. Lappeenranta Airport, which is located near Saint Petersburg in Finnish side of the border, is also popular among Russian travellers.
With two main terminals (one domestic - Pulkovo 1, one international - Pulkovo 2), Pulkovo is widely regarded as one of the larger and more modern airports in the Russian Federation.
There is a regular, 24/7, rapid-bus transit connection (marshrutka) between Pulkovo airport and the city center.

Official site of Pulkovo airport