12 ICID International Drainage Workshop Saint-Petersburg ( Congress Complex Pushkin)

23 -26 June 2014



Invitation from the Chairman of Russian National Commission



Ladies and gentlemen,
     The National Commission on Irrigation and Drainage of the Russian Federation is privileged to invite international committees of the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID) as well as other interested companies and organizations to the 12th International Drainage Workshop to be held on 23-26 June, 2014, in Pushkin, a cultural gem of Saint Petersburg, Russia. Pushkin is a major tourist, research and educational center entered in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
     The changes which have occurred in Russia over the recent decades affect, among other areas, such an important sector of agriculture as the water utilization scheme. One of the key objectives the agriculture has to attain is to provide conditions for ensuring the nationís food security. At the same time, of serious concern to this country and the rest of the world is the climate change that causes natural disasters resulting in major area flooding, farmland waterlogging and instable production. In this context, irrigation and drainage become key factors helping stabilize food productions and prevent adverse effects of the climate change.
    Taking advantage of Russian and world experience in addressing the issues of irrigation and drainage is of critical importance to ensuring the nationís food security. The important international event hosted by Russia will provide a useful forum for discussions and information exchange in achieving the current objective of sustainable development of national agricultures and in tackling practical tasks, with regard to Russian and international experience.
    We will do our best to ensure that your participation in the 12th Drainage Workshop is fruitful and your stay in Russia is a good mix of business and pleasure.

Chairman of the National Commission
Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation