12 ICID International Drainage Workshop Saint-Petersburg ( Congress Complex Pushkin)

23 -26 June 2014


Call for abstracts

For abstract submission you should be registered for the Workshop using the on-line registration.

Abstracts should be submitted  and arrive not later than  May 1st, 2014.
Full paper should be submitted  and arrive not later than May 1st, 2014

The Scientific Committee will determine whether the abstract could be accepted for presentation, with consideration to be given to the author's preference.
The presenting author is required to ensure that all co-authors are aware of the content of the abstract before submission to the Secretariat.
Only the abstracts of registered presenting authors will be included in the program and in the Symposium book of abstracts.

Abstract submission:

For abstract submission you should be registered for the Workshop using the on-line registration.
If you have already registered please enter  the on-line registration using your login and password, click "Abstract submission" and fill in all the necessary fields.

Before you start please prepare the following information:
- Contact details of presenting author.
- Abstract category.
- Details of all affiliations of all abstract authors: department, institution / hospital, city, country, contact details
- Title (max 15 words).
- Authors’ names (initials and family name), The name of the presenting author must be submitted first.
- Abstract text

After the online abstract submisson procedure you will receive an e-mail letter, informing you that your abstract is in our database. Final decision of Organising Committee about including your abstract into the scientific programme will be made within a few weeks. You will be informed about their decision by e-mail.

Please, note:

Text of your abstract must be presented on paper A4 in portrait layout.
Margins are 2 cm from all sides.
The perferred type is Times New Roman, the type size should be 12 point.
Single line spacing should be used.
Abstract text should be written contiguously, without paragraphs.
You can note the acknowledgements at the end of your abstracts, but not more than 2 lines (italic).

Your abstract must reflect the essence of your presentation. A clear and simple style will be appreciated.
Abbreviations are permitted but must be defined when mentioned for the 1st time.
Please note, once you press on submit, there is no option to edit the information you entered and you will have to start again!
In case you should need to correct your abstract after it was submitted, please , delete it and submit again.
Mandatory fields are marked with a asterisk (*).
Please do not make multiple submissions of the same abstract.

- Abstract body must contain only text, i.e. must not duplicate information about title, authors, etc. Abstract header will be created automatically.
- Title, all authors, affiliations and keywords must be introduced separately, using web interface.