International Congress of Echocardiography
«ECHO of the White Nights-2015»

September 17-19, 2015


Call for abstracts

Abstract submission was closed on May 31, 2015!

Abstracts should be submitted regardless of the type of presentation (invited lectures, oral or poster presentation). Abstracts should be submitted strictly in appliance with the requirements of the Organizing committee. Number of abstracts submitted by one participant is not limited.

Abstracts are submitted online. After abstract review participants will receive confirmation of acceptance for publication in the congress abstract book.

Abstracts take part in the ñompetition for publication in the Journal "Echocardiography" (USA) (editor in chief - Professor Nevin Nanda).

Abstract submission:

For abstract submission you should be registered Online.
If you are already registered, please use your login and password for access to your Personal Area and click "Abstract submission".

Before you start please prepare the following information:
- Title (use only letters and numbers, without quotes);
- Authors’ names (initials and family names). The name of the presenting author must be submitted first;
- Contact details of the presenting author (e-mail);
- Affiliations of all authors: institution, city, country;
- Abstract text (please do not use any punctuation marks in the document name).
- Submission of abstracts will be carried out in sections Select one category, under which your abstract will be reviewed

You should choose the abstract Section, according to Program topics, and abstract Category: oral and/or poster - before abstract submission. The abstract category will be finally determined by the Scientific Committee, with consideration to be given to the author's preference.

Abstract requirements:
- Abstract title, all authors, affiliations must be filled in separately in each line.
- Abstract body must contain only the text. Please do not duplicate title, authors, etc. Abstract heading will be created automatically.
- The abstract should arrive either as one paragraph, or in four sections each starting from a new line: Introduction, Patients (or Materials) and Methods, Results, Conclusion.
- Abstracts should contain no more than 250 words (1800 characters) in English. If including a table in the abstract, please limit the number of words in the body of the abstract to 200.
- Please use Word for Windows, style "normal", font: Times New Roman, size 12 pt, single line spacing, paragraph alignment - justified. Please do not use pagination. Margins are 2,5 cm from all sides.
- Tables should be created in Word for Windows.
- Abstract book will be printed in black and white.

Please note that each time you fill in the fields (author, co-authors, choose the file with the abstract text) you should press "Add". Otherwise, the information will not be added. Then you need to press "Next" and finally "Submit". The required fields are marked with *

You can submit several abstracts from one registration page.
In case you need to make any corrections in the text, please delete the previous abstract, make corrections and submit the abstract again.

After abstract submission procedure you will receive an e-mail, informing you that your abstract is in our database.
To see submitted abstracts, please log in your Personal area and proceed to "My abstracts".