June 23 – 26, 2015


Physics Department of St. Petersburg State University

Address: 1
Ulyanovskaya str., Peterhof, St. Petersburg, Russia.

The Faculty of Physics of the St. Petersburg State University has the structure which provides students with a solid educational basis and enables them to take part in fundamental high level research in line with modern standards. Practically all modern trends in physics, both experimental and theoretical, are presented in different departments of the Faculty of Physics.Educational-scientific center of physics is located in the beautiful suburb of Saint-Petersburg - Peterhof in 35 km from the city.

the Faculty includes two research institutes in its structure: the Institute of Physics and the Institute of Radiophysics. The names of such famous scientists as the Nobel Prize Winners N.N. Semenov (1956), L.D. Landau (1962), A.M. Prokhorov (1964), Professors V.A. Fock, A.A. Friedmann, V.R. Bursian, P.I. Lukirsky, V.M. Chulanovsky, D.V. Skobeltsin, Ya.I. Frenkel, E.F. Gross, S.E. Frish, A.N. Terenin, G.A. (George) Gamov, V.N. Tsvetkov, V.A. Ambartsumyan, K.Ya. Kondrat’ev, L.D. Faddeev, S.P. Merkur’ev et al, are connected with the Faculty of Physics.
The Faculty of Physics is managed by the Dean and the Scientific Board, both bodies elected for the five years term.

How to get to the Physics Department:

1. Travel from the Baltic Station by train up to "University" station (50 min., direction to "Kalishe", "Oranienbaum", "Krasnoflotsk"). Then 550 m to the Institute walking.
2. Travel by bus:
- from metro station "Avtovo" (on the opposite side of the Stachek prospect): bus ¹ 224. 424. 200 up to "University" station;
- from metro station "Leninskiy prospect": bus ¹ 103. 420. K-224 up to "University" station.