Moscow Forum «PROTIST–2016»

June 06 – 10, 2016


Moscow State University

Moscow State University (Lomonosov Moscow State University, or MSU)
is the largest university in Russia. Founded in 1755, it is the oldest university in Russia and has the tallest educational building in the world. In 1940, the university was renamed in honor of its founder, Mikhail Lomonosov. Currently the university employs more than 4,000 academic staff and 15,000 other staff members. There are about 5,000 researchers engaged in various research activities in its institutes and departments. More than 40,000 undergraduates and 7,000 postgraduates are currently enrolled in the university and more than 5,000 specialists are participating in their refresher courses for career enhancement purposes. There are around 2,000 overseas students in the university. Students choose among 39 faculties and over 170 qualifications within 18 areas of science to obtain M.Sc. and PhD degrees. 

Since 1953, most of the university's faculties have been situated on Leninskiye gory (also known as Sparrow Hills), in the southwest of Moscow. Considered to be the outskirts of Moscow at the time of its construction, at present, the location of the main building is about half-way between the center of Moscow at the Kremlin and the city's current limits.

The MSU has well-established contacts with the most distinguished universities in the world, exchanging students and lecturers with the leading universities overseas. It houses the UNESCO International Demography Courses, the UNESCO Hydrology Courses, the International Biotechnology Center, the International LASER Center, courses or seminars on Russian as a foreign language. In 1991 the French University College, the Russian-American University, the Institute of German Science and Culture were opened. The university has awarded honorary degrees to more than 60 scientists, statesmen as well as politicians from abroad. Many prominent university scholars and scientists in return hold honorary degrees from foreign academies and universities.

The MSU is commonly regarded as one of Russia's most prestigious universities and has high entry requirements for its prospective students. Research and education at the university is maintained by a unique community of tutors and scientists. Those are over 2,500 D.Sc., about 6,000 Ph.D., and over 5,000 of professional teaching staff. The University employs about 300 full and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences and other academies. More than 4,500 scientists are involved in fundamental and applied research within about 350 high priority and Federal programs.  

The Conference Venue is the Faculty of Biology, Moscow State University
Address: bld. 12, 1 Leninskie gory, Moscow, Russia.
How to get to the Faculty:
from the metro station "Universitet": trolleybus #34; buses # 47, 67, 103, 113, 130, 187, 260, stop "Mendeleevskaya ulitsa"