The International Conference on the Applications of the Mössbauer Effect

September 03 – 08, 2017


Abstract submission


Abstracts must be submitted in English only. Only the abstracts of registered presenting authors will be included in the program and in the Conference book of abstracts.

Text of your abstract must be presented in English on paper A4 in portrait layout.
Abstract length: maximum 1 page of A4 format
Margins: Left, right, top and bottom margin – 2.54 cm 
Font: Times New Roman 12 pt
Line spacing: single

Please find the template for the abstracts here

The procedure of submission:
• For abstract submission you should be registered online.
• Please enter your personal area using your login and password, click "Abstract submission" section.
• Choose the preferred session and the type of presentation (oral or poster).
• Fill in the abstract title (max. 15 words). Title of abstracts should not includes any points.
• Fill in the email address of the presenting author.
• Fill in the authors’ names (initials and family name) - one by one by pressing the button "Add". Please select the presenting author. Details of all affiliations of all abstract authors: department, institution, city, country.
• Please upload the Abstract text (doc or rtf. format, maximum 1 MB) - only text, i.e. not duplicate information about title, authors, etc. Abstract header will be created automatically. Then press "Submit".
• Check your Abstract by pressing "Preview".
• Confirm your submission by pressing "Submit". After successful submission you will receive the confirmation (on your screen and by email).

Abstract corrections:
Please note, once you press on submit, there is no option to edit the information you entered and you will have to start again! In case you need to make corrections in your abstract after it was submitted please delete it and submit again. If you need to correct only a few words - just contact the ñonference manager by email