6th EUCASS Aerospace Thematic Workshop: Fundamentals of Aerodynamic Flow and Combustion Control by Plasmas

April 9-14, 2017


Poster submission

Poster presentations offer a chance for wider participation in the conference as well as excellent opportunities to address specific issues and stimulate discussion. About twenty posters can be given on each of three days of presentations. We will be using the following guidelines to enhance the sessions:

1. All attendees, including invited speakers, are encouraged to submit a poster on recent advances in their work. However, posters presented by speakers should not duplicate material presented in their talks. The primary purpose of the posters is to enhance the discussion of forefront issues, so you are invited to include unpublished and/or controversial results.

2. Authors are expected to be available at their poster during the 20:30 22:30 session to which their poster is assigned.

3. To facilitate planning, the absolute deadline is 15 February, 2017 for poster submissions. An accepted poster submitted by this date will be guaranteed space. We will accept post-deadline posters only if space is available.

If you have questions or comments please contact Dr. Jean-Pierre Taran (taran@onera.fr)


To submit an abstract, the participant should be registered ONLINE. If you have already registered, please enter your Personal area using your login and password, and click "ABSTRACT SUBMISSION".

Please note that TITLE, LIST OF AUTHORS, AFFILIATIONS AND PRESENTING AUTHOR's EMAIL should be filled in separately. Abstract body should contain only its content. Abstract header is created automatically.
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In case you need to make any corrections to the abstract text, please delete your abstract, make corrections and submit the abstract again. 
Confirmation will be sent to your email address. You can look through or delete your submitted abstracts at the page "MY ABSTRACTS".

In case of any questions concerning abstract submission procedure please contact the conference manager: ATW-2017@onlinereg.ru.