6th EUCASS Aerospace Thematic Workshop: Fundamentals of Aerodynamic Flow and Combustion Control by Plasmas

April 9-14, 2017


Workshop program



Abstracts available for downloading:

Session A
Chen She, Modelling ionic wind by negative corona in ambient air with experimental validation, A1

Karpenko Anton, Efficiency of the drag reduction of the blunt body by microwave energy deposition in supersonic flow, A2
Kuryachii Aleksandr, Approximation of volumetric force distribution generated by DBD actuator, A3
Leroy Annie, Experimental investigation of the effects of a pulsed actuation on the flow topology induced by a DBD actuator, A4
Monahov Nikolai, Shock wave interaction with the glow discharge, A5
Lazukin A.V., Electrode and dieletric barrier modification in a dielectric barrier discharge, A6
Savelev Alexei, Assessment of state-resolved rate coefficients of dissociation and exchange reactions in air species, A7
Tibère-Inglesse Augustin, Radiation of nonequilibrium recombining flows, A8
Shoev Georgy, Kinetic and continuum simulation of weakly ionized flows around re-entry body, A9
Istomin Vladimir, State-Specific Transport Properties of Partially Ionized Atomic Gases with Electronic Excitation, A10
Son Konstantin, Scientific research of hypersonic and plasma technologies laboratory, A11 

Session C

Komratov Denis, Investigation of poor propane-air mixture ignition by microwave discharge, C1
Kuranov Alexander, Initiation of the exothermic decomposition of liquid hydrocarbon fuels in transonic flows by high-temperature flames from the auxiliary source, C2
Shcherbanev Sergey, Multi-point dielectric barrier discharge at high pressures for plasma assisted ignition: spectroscopy study of the filament, C3
Minesi Nicolas, Hydrodynamic effects induced by nanosecond sparks in air and air/fuel mixtures, C4
Wu Yun, Multi-channel discharge plasma actuation for flow control and ignition, C5
Foucher Fabrice, Premixed and Partial Premixed Compression Ignition combustion engine control by using plasma discharge, C6
Bölke Olaf, Low-frequency-modulated NRP plasma forcing of a swirl-stabilized flame: post-spark light emission and unsteady flame response, C7
Zudov Vladimir, Researches of Methane-Air Mixtures combustion Assisted by Transverse pulse-periodical Laser Radiation in Supersonic Stream, C8
Heitz Sylvain, Experimental study of nanosecond plasma discharges effect on methane-air premixed stagnation flames, C9
Elkholy Ahmed, A novel micro-plasma reactor to study the thermal and chemical effect of nanosecond plasma discharge on flame stabilization, C10
Konina Kseniya, Effect of Electronically and Vibrationally Excited Particles on Combustion Characteristics of Hydrocarbons under GTE Condition, C11

Session DK

Lepikhin Nikita, Fast gas heating in pure nitrogen excited by a nanosecond capillary discharge, DK1
Oblapenko Georgii, KAPPA: an object-oriented C++ library for kinetic theory computations, DK2
Prozorova Evelina, Influence of the angular momentum on collective interaction in a rarefied plasma, DK3
Zhang Yibin, Towards shear flow measurements using FLEET, DK4
Duann Yi, Photochemical model for atomic oxygen ion retrieval from ground-based observations of airglow, DK5
Goldberg Benjamin, Electric Field Measurements in a Nanosecond Pulse Discharge in Atmospheric Pressure Air, DK6
Goldberg Benjamin, Femtosecond Localized Electric Field Measurements, DK7
Peters Christopher, Kinetics Modeling of Femtosecond Laser Tagging in Nitrogen and Gas Mixtures, DK8
Selivonin Igor, Electrical characteristics of the surface barrier discharge, DK9
Dolgov, Firsov, Shurupov, High-speed visualisation of gasdynamics caused by spark discharge, DK10
Zhu Yifei, Study of the fine structure of streamer with hydrodynamics in nanosecond surface dielectric barrier discharge, DK11