International Computer Science student school
«Recent Advances in Algorithms»

May 22–26, 2017


Social program

Bus excursion to Tsarskoe Selo (Pushkin) with a visit to the Catherine Palace

Date and time: 25.05.2017 (Thursday), 14:00 - 19:00
Duration: 5 h
What is included: English-speaking guided tour, tickets to the Park and the Catherine Palace, transport (bus).
Price: 3000 RUB (included in full registration fee)
Departure: the venue of the school
(St. Petersburg Department of VA Steklov Institute of Mathematics of the Academy of Sciences, address: Fontanka River emb., 27)
Description: Tsarskoe Selo (Royal Village), located 25 km south of St. Petersburg, first appeared in the 18C as the summer residence of the Russian tsars. In 1918 the town was renamed into Detskoe Selo (Children’s Village). In 1937 the name was changed into Pushkin, to commemorate the centenary of the great Russian poet’s tragic death. Created for two centuries by many prominent architects, the unique architectural ensemble of Pushkin is world famed for its elegant palaces and pavilions, landscape parks and ponds, 18-century marble statues and historic obelisks.


Dinner of RAA school 2017

Date and time: 25.05.2017 (Thursday), 19:00 - 22:00/23:00
Venue: Saint-Petersburg, Palace emb., 26
Price: 3000 RUB (included in full registration fee)
The restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Palace, which belonged to Grand Duke Vladimir Aleksandrovich, the brother of Emperor Alexander III. The palace was built in 1872 and located close to Hermitage, which served as the imperial residence.
Halls of the Palace have a variety of design styles. Here are presented: renaissance, rococo, moorish, etc.
The palace of Grand Duke Vladimir is one of the few palaces, the decoration of which has been preserved in authentic content.
The menu with European cuisine and music accompaniment will be offered for guests.