2nd International Workshop
«Atomic Layer Deposition: Russia - 2017»

September 24 - 30, 2017


Training School

The Training School on Chemical Basis of ALD will be a one-day event for early-career scientists during the workshop. It will be held on 28 September 2017, when local and invited speakers of the workshop will deliver a set of lectures on the chemical basis and practical applications of ALD.

The former topic deserves a dedicated lecture because it is largely underrepresented in the literature, which describes ALD mainly from the methodological point of view. The Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Technology has a half-century tradition of experimental as well as computational studies on the chemical reactions that underlie ALD processes. Therefore, it seems a suitable venue to deliver this knowledge to young researchers interested in ALD.

On the other hand, presentations of various commercially successful applications of ALD by the world's leading experts will assist graduate students and young scientists in shaping their research trajectories and building international collaborations for the benefit of the field at whole.

The training school is co-organised by the Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Technology and HERALD, a European collaboration aiming at to structure and integrate European research activity in ALD, bringing together existing groups, promoting young scientists and reaching out to industry and the public. HERALD is an action by the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST), a framework supporting transnational cooperation among researchers, engineers and scholars across Europe.

Participation in the training school is free of charge. However, the participants are encouraged to present their work at the workshop orally or as a poster, subject to a usual registration fee. Trainees from COST countries are eligible for a partial reimbursement of travel expenses.

The contact person for registration is Ivan Bodalyov dmpsmsmith@gmail.com