2nd International Congress on Echocardiography
«ECHO of the white nights-2018»

October 4-6, 2018
St. Petersburg, Russia


Invited lectures:

  • Jeffrey Borer (USA)
    "Aortic Regurgitation: Epidemiology and Basis for Personalized Management Decisions"
  • Yzhar Charuzi (USA)
    "The benefit of dual utilization of Exercise Echocardiogram and Myocardial Perfusion in coronary ischemia management"
  • John Elefteriades (USA)
    "Genetics of Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm 2018"
  • John Elefteriades (USA)
    "Should the criterion for Thoracic Aortic Replacement be moved to a lower size"
  • Artem Kalinin (Latvia)
    "The role of echocardiography for the evaluation of patients with atrial fibrillation"
  • Navin Nanda (USA)
    "Recent Advances in Echocardiography: Their Impact on Clinical Practice"
  • Takanobu Tomaru (Japan)
    "Clinical Profiles of Polyvascular Disease: Usefulness of Echo Examination"
  • Michail Alekhin (Russia, Moscow)
    "Contrast echocardiography: possibilities, problems and perspectives"
  • Tatyana Balakhonova (Russia, Moscow)
    "Ultrasound diagnosis of venous thrombosis in cardiologys"
  • Tatyana Balakhonova (Russia, Moscow)
    "The possibilities and relevans of ultrasound in the diagnosis of subclinical atherosclerosis"
  • Leonid Bershtein (Russia, St.Petersburg)
    "Hemodynamic parameters we may estimate with echocardiography, apart of pulmonary artery systolic pressure"
  • Andrei Bobrov (Russia, St.Petersburg)
    "What's new in quantitative stress echocardiography?"
  • Alla Boshenko, Alexandr Vrublevsky, Elena Pavlyukova (Russia, Tomsk)
    "New ultrasound technologies in the assessment of chronic coronary artery disease"
  • Alla Boshenko, Alexandr Vrublevsky (Russia, Tomsk)
    "Is Stress Echocardiography a «gold» standard for noninvasive assessment of myocardial ischemia?"
  • Michail Chernov (Russia, Moscow)
    "Echocardiography in blunt cardiac injury"
  • Evgeny Khomenko (Russia, St.Petersburg)
    "Role of echocardiography in running of ECMO systems"
  • Gennady Khubulava (Russia, St.Petersburg)
    "Acute aortic syndrome in the megalopolis: clinical and organizational problems"
  • Ilya Konstantinov (Russia, St.Petersburg)
    "Takotsubo cardiomyopathy: echocardiographic diagnosis"
  • A. Kuznetsov (Russia, St.Petersburg)
    "Name of the lecture will be annonced later"
  • Lyudmila Kuznetsova (Russia, Moscow)
    "Echocardiography of the Remodelig Heart. Part 1"
  • Eduard Malev (Russia, St.Petersburg)
    "Primary and secondary mitral regurgitation: mechanisms, diagnosis, prognosis"
  • Sergey Marchenko (Russia, St.Petersburg)
    "Embryological, hemodynamic and ultrasound features of the left heart pathology"
  • Pavel Mochalov (Russia, St.Petersburg)
    "Name of the lecture will be annonced later"
  • A. Naumov (Russia, St.Petersburg)
    "Name of the lecture will be annonced later"
  • Victor Nikiforov (Russia, St.Petersburg)
    "Echocardiography and cardiovascular imaging in patients with arterial hypertension in the light of recent recommendations"
  • Victor Nikiforov (Russia, St.Petersburg)
    "Echocardiography and cardiovascular imaging in patients with arrhythmias"
  • Vladimir Novikov (Russia, St.Petersburg)
    "Features of visualization of rare variants of cardiomyopathies"
  • Tatiana Novikova (Russia, St.Petersburg)
    "What echocardiography can offer in patients with DCM?"
  • Elena Pavlysh (Russia, St.Petersburg)
    "Rare cases of visualization of the cardiovascular system"
  • Elena Pavlyukova (Russia, Tomsk)
    "The role of the mitral valve in the obstruction of the left ventricular outflow tract in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy"
  • Elena Pavlyukova (Russia, Tomsk)
    "Left ventricular mechanics in healthy children born full-term"
  • Maria Prokudina (Russia, St.Petersburg)
    "Strength and weakness of exercise echocardiography"
  • Marina Rybakova (Russia, Moscow)
    "Rare congenital heart diseases in adults in emergency practice"
  • Marina Rybakova (Russia, Moscow)
    "Very rare complications in infective endocarditis"
  • Marina Rybakova (Russia, Moscow)
    "High pulmonary hypertension - remodeling of the right heart chambers in different pathology"
  • Marina Saidova (Russia, Moscow)
    "Rare primary and secondary heart diseases"
  • Alexandr Vrublevsky, Alla Boshenko (Russia, Tomsk)
    "Role of 3D transesophageal echocardiography in the diagnosis of thoracic aorta atherosclerosis stage"