International Yoga Day Festival

20-21 June 2015,
Saint Petersburg, Russia


Dear friends!

We are glad to invite you to the International Yoga Day Festival,
        which will take place in St. Petersburg 20-21 June 2015.

Yoga: many paths, one goal!
We stretch the boundaries to accommodate various wisdom traditions.

   21 June was declared as the International Yoga Day by the United Nations General Assembly. The declaration came after the call by Indian Prime Minister. The proposal was supported by the record number of voices - 175 countries.
   "Yoga can contribute to resilience against non-communicable diseases and can bring communities together in an inclusive manner that generates respect", - UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in a statement. "Yoga is a sport that can contribute to development and peace. Yoga can even help people in emergency situations to find relief from stress", - added he.
   During 2 days (20-21 June 2015) on 5 parallel venues will be featured the master-classes organised by teachers of various schools of human development from India, USA, Europe and Russia.

The program will include:
- master-classes of physical and breathing exercises;
- concentration and meditation classes;
- lectures and conversations on various themes (about yoga, spiritual growth and human evolution, about Vedanta and philosophy, beauty and health); 
- satsang and kirtans;
- practical health-improving part (variety of massage techniques, yoga, sound and aromatherapy);
- collective action of 108 rounds complex Surya Namaskar (also known as Sun Salutation);
- Opening and Closing ceremony of the Festival and cultural program.

We invite You to join us to this amazing journey around the Yoga World!


The Festival is supported by:
The Consulate General of India in Saint Petersburg,
Russian Union of Travel Industry, North-West Division Office.